“Photos are my dreams, the camera is my dream machine.”
Venn Phang


Venn Phang was born in China. His first camera was a Pentax K50, a cute little red camera. Now He is using a  new camera Sony A7ii. He started to learn photography in 2015. At that time, he had no photographic basis and could not even edit the colors of a photo.

The first time he looked at pictures on Instagram. "Damn, this is fu***g cool!” That's what he thought. He believed he can make such cool photos. So he began to think about the colors, the composition of the photos, and kept learning and trying.

He is now living in Shenzhen, China. He likes to go on rooftops, he feel very free there, and he always has a wider vision. He also likes structure and portrait. Photography gives him a lot of pleasure. For him, photography means showing what he has in my imagination, and it feels very cool. He will never stop taking pictures.