Your House Needs Art. Here’s Why.

Reading time : 10 minutes Why does your house need art? It sure seems like an easy question but answering it goes deeper than mere decoration or the need to add some color to one of the rooms. The...

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2019 HK Christmas gifts for your beloved ones

Again, it is the time for preparing Christmas. Haven't bought any Christmas gifts? No worries, we have solution for you. Just lay back and KAKAHUETTE offers you perfect luxury Christmas gifts for ...

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Black Friday SALE - Wall Art and Home Decor

Are you still picking the best Thanksgiving gift for your family and your friends? Here are our 5 selected photography art photos for home and in-room decor: Use our code BLACKFRIDAY15 to get 15% ...

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How to take care of photography Prints

Photograph prints are delicate and valuable artwork; to ensure that they remain in a pristine condition for a long period of time, proper handling and storage should be a priority. The following re...

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You want to know more about Kakahuette?

Welcome to Kakahuette, the place where you will find the most authentic photographic art passionately designed to perfectly sync with your tastes. We are Steven and Richard, founders of Kakahuette,...

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Everything about art photography printing

We have to admit, the continuous push of modern technology has faded out some concepts, like photography. The birth of photography and the invention of the camera turned people into a frenzy. They ...

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