Like with most things, the key to photography for me is patience - the patience to wait for the right moment, the patience to learn from mistakes and the patience to be creative.
Nick T.

Nick was born in Hong Kong and moved to Australia at a young age. With most of his family still living in Hong Kong, he'd find himself back every year, wandering amongst the crowds of people and being amazed by the colours and sounds of the city. His first camera was a 10 megapixel Panasonic Lumix LX3 and he used it for 7 years - bringing it along to dinners, travels and parties - before buying his next camera. He remembers the days before photography was a convenience - borrowing his parents' Kodak film camera to take on school trips, stacking shelves full of photo albums and cutting edge 2-megapixel digital cameras.


"It felt like everything was precious back then, and opportunities were more limited, especially with film. You couldn't just delete a photo or take another one whenever you felt like it. If you managed to take a good photo and when it got developed it turned out great, that 4 x 6 piece of photo paper was the only thing left of that moment."


After a few years living in London and travelling around Europe, Nick is now based in Hong Kong, photographing the city's impressive architecture, neon lights and capturing unique moments on the street.