“We need to slow down.”
Kitty Chu


Kitty is the voice behind matteisthenewblack. Blogger turned into content creator and photography enthusiast. With such passion, she is gravitated towards delivering the narration of a whole new perspective of what is behind the lens. She also takes delight in having different perspectives that translates into a visual language in the context of creation. Over the course of the recent years of rediscovering herself, she began developing her minimalistic views of geometrical structures in the realm of architecture and life-style aesthetic photography by seeking inspiration from like-minded talents. Hong Kong-born, Nigeria-raised – Kitty sees her home as vibrant, fast-paced and sleepless. Despite the hustle and bustle of the city, she cannot unsee the quiet trait of it. This vision has brought her some constructive impact on her obsession over her photography style – minimalistic and clean. Her collection, named ‘Voices of Tranquility’, embodies the value of calmness having a stance as a minority in the presumably city overflown of concrete.