5 tips to create a lovely Scandinavian Interior

Over the years, the Scandinavian design has stood out for its simple look and intricate details. In principle, these designs play up natural elements and favour neutral colour palettes. They use pale colours, keep lines simple, and draw out the intricate details of your décor. The sleek lines and neutral palette add elegance to any home or office. You can achieve these Scandinavian designs with minimal effort with the following tips:

White wall and monochrome colours

White is probably the most common colour used in Scandinavian designs. In addition to white, monochrome designs with brown, beige, light grey, icy blue, and pale pastels can be used to achieve the same Scandinavian feel. You only have to combine your colours subtly to achieve the neutrality that is required.

Neutral colours make rooms appear bright and spacious even on a dreary day. Timeless white walls appear to recede visually, making rooms feel much larger than they really are. You can also choose to include your black and white wall art. Preference for these seemingly sober colours doesn’t mean that Scandinavian designs lack vibrancy and vitality though. The colours are very significant in achieving a perfect finish.


Floors painted white or a pale colour are also common, sometimes with a stencilled border. Stencilling is also used on walls to frame a doorway or create distinct borders. Your floors can be made of hardwood and should be left their natural colour or painted white. This contributes to expanding the space and creating the serene atmosphere.


Typical Scandinavian style furniture is a mixture of straight lines with gently curved detailing. Natural woods achieve this. Legs are generally thin and tapered. Benches and bench-like sofas are a staple of Scandinavian style interior design. Commonly, these pieces are set on six legs with minimal upholstery or separate seat cushions. Blonde woods – white pine, ash, and beech – are the norm.


Your design should be clutter free as much as possible. Accessories and decorations including photos and wall art should be kept to a minimum. Make sure ever unnecessary object is taken away.

Lighting is key

Lighting is a very significant feature of Scandinavian design; a well-lit space brings a sense of warmth and pronounced beauty. Proper lighting highlights all the other features in your design. The right combination of Scandinavian style pendants, floor lamps, and table lamps will create a lovely interior. Mirrors are commonly used for making spaces seem bigger and brighter without adding too much clutter to the walls

You can achieve your Scandinavian design at a minimal cost and still experience the touch of grandeur it affords you.