Kakahuette collaborates with photographers to produce high quality and limited edition photographs. Whenever a limited edition runs out, it is forever. 


More than a limited photograph.


NUMBERED.  As the name suggests, only a limited number of prints can be made available for purchase. Each photographs has their own number edition. When the edition sells out no more prints are made, you will have an exclusive photograph.  

AUTHENTIC. They will come with their own original certificate of authenticity on a high quality paper. This certificate is one of the most important aspects of art trade today, that is why all limited photographs are exclusive and come with this document. This is an official document that proves our photographs are genuine and authentic.

HIGH QUALITY. Made-to-measure, solid wood frames for all tastes. It's more than a photograph. It's an art memory worth holding on to. Our photographs are printed with high-quality inks and photo papers. It will be eye-catching in your cozy living room.