Why do you need a tripod to capture great photos?

Capturing a great photo to use as wall art or decoration is not as easy as you might think. You may need some tools to help you obtain a more professional image. One very important tool is a tripod. A tripod is a mechanical structure that has three legs that will keep your camera secure and study while you are taking a photo. As a beginner photographer, you might think that this is unnecessary, but a tripod has a lot of benefits that can help you on your way to taking a great photo. Here are some facts about why you should use a tripod when taking specific types of photographs

Slow Down (low shutter speed)

If you are going to take a photo using a slow shutter speed without a tripod, you will most likely end up with a photo that lacks sharpness. There will be unwanted lines in the photo and the subject will look like it is out of focus. With this, you would be experiencing what is called “camera shake”. Using a tripod would eliminate this problem.

Night Photo

Night photos require a very low shutter speed. Any movement of the camera while capturing a night photo will most likely lead to a bad photo. Capturing light streaks will not be meaningful and artistic if you cannot keep your camera steady while capturing them. It is recommended to use a tripod while taking night photos.

Artistic photo

In capturing artistic photos such as water streaks, a low shutter speed will be required. To best capture water streaks, you may need to use an ND filter in order to set your shutter speed lower. In line with that, you need your camera to be steady, and the only way to keep it steady is by mounting it on a tripod.

You may now be convinced that you should invest in a tripod in order to take great photos. When buying a tripod, you need to consider the following:

Buying cheap tripods can be a struggle to set up and keep steady. This may cause you to lose a special moment with a subject. You must purchase a tripod that is well built and trusted to withstand any unwanted shaking.

Consider the weight of the tripod as well. You may have to trade off the stability against the portability. The additional weight of the tripod is a burden when you are traveling. You should consider looking for a tripod that is portable but also stable.