Minimalist Art Photography- Simple But Not That Simple

Speaking of “minimalist”, most people think of “simple living”. In fact, minimalism is defined as freeing yourself of emotional overload and thundering thoughts in order to focus on the more important things in life.

Similar to that, minimalist photography art is plain and neat in the composition and objects in the photo are reduced to the minimum. However, if you look it deep enough, you will find the hidden pattern and unlock the message in the photo that the photographer wants to share with you. This is the minimalist photography.

Here we would like to give you five photo examples from Kakahuette’s Minimalist art photography collection:

i)  Mosaic - solid grid lines

Mosaic by Marcus Cederberg
From 599HKD

ii) Reach Out - the contrast of light

Reach Out by Rupert Höller
From 599HKD

iii) The Air Up There - repeated pattern

The Air Up There by Rupert Höller
From 599HKD

iv) No Romeo - the contrast of warm and cold colours

No Romeo by Rupert Höller
From 599HKD

v) Watching You - broken symmetries

Watching You by Marcus Cederberg
From 599HKD


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