Your House Needs Art. Here’s Why.

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Why does your house need art?

It sure seems like an easy question but answering it goes deeper than mere decoration or the need to add some color to one of the rooms.

There is a wide misconception that art is simply a vague blurry painting or a mysterious artefact at the local museum but there is so much more to the term than you may think. At the risk of sounding pretentious, art is a way of life.

Keep reading as we take a look at why you need a few spectacular pieces of art photography in your house or apartment.

Art Print Gallery | Your house needs art. Here's why

It makes a house more human

With all the machine-made objects in a modern house, your living space may seem a bit too void of life. This is where a good photograph comes in – it can inject that personal touch to make your house look like YOUR house.

A well-made piece of art from maybe the local art gallery allows you to get a sense of the skill, effort and time that went into its creation. This sense may be amplified if you have ever met the artist or if you have followed their work or the story behind the artwork. Regardless, viewing the piece at any moment will remind you of the artist’s thoughts and what he was trying to express through his artwork.

Art Print Gallery | Your house needs art. Here's why

Art has an intriguing nature to it

How you may ask. A photograph is, in essence, an outlet for an artist to express his or her thoughts, actions, ideologies and desires.

Some consider art or photography to be representative of an intangible idea that is barely understood by the artists themselves, some consider it a way of expression while it’s a personality for others. The fascinating bit is that art at its best can be all of the above. It can express a message of joy, worry, shame, motivation or offer a glimpse into the future!

That tone or message is of course up to the artist. Yes, sometimes the message can be difficult to understand but this may be down to the fact that a photograph can mean different things to different people. It is subjective, leaving you to guess the true intentions of the photographer. Does he want you to focus on the joy in the person’s demeanor or does he want you to admire the background? You may never know and that’s exactly one of the best parts of art!

Art Print Gallery | Your house needs art. Here's why

Helps you recognize and validate emotions

Whether it’s a feeling or a distant memory you have long forgotten, looking at a great photograph can evoke powerful emotions. It has the capability to lift your spirits after a long tiring day and inspire you to do more. Or, if you buy art prints of Hong Kong, it can be a constant reminder of that time you visited an attraction or street in the city!

In simple terms, it affords the opportunity to reflect upon ourselves about our thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Whether that emotion is positive or negative, a photograph can comfort you knowing that you are not alone in those thoughts.

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Art Print Gallery | Your house needs art. Here's why

Stretches your boundaries and encourages you to grow

When art is more than mere decorations for the wall, it will challenge you on an intellectual level and force you to confront any preexisting notions you may hold (warning: it may leave you uncomfortable).

By forcing those feelings, you make yourself think in a more open manner and force yourself to see the world from a different perspective. Having a photograph or painting that can change your view of the world is a constant reminder to second think habits and thoughts.

Art Print Gallery | Your house needs art. Here's why

Art is for everybody

Art is everywhere, you just need to look. Anyone can relate to a certain photograph and understand it – if not this photograph, maybe the next. It is essentially a mode of communication and one of the few modes that can be enjoyed by people of classes and backgrounds.

No photographer makes work that relates to only a certain category of the social crowd but instead tries to pass a message (based on his or her personal experiences) that resonates with everyone.

While some forms of art and photography are restricted to museums and such, there are many basic forms (think opera and photography) that are enjoyed by all people. The idea that a great photograph is a privilege reserved only for a certain circle defeats the entire purpose of art and photography.

Art Print Gallery | Your house needs art. Here's why

Every house is a museum

You possess the ability to turn a simple bland space in your house into a beautiful story. Your new home or apartment serves as a blank canvas through which you can tell an amazing story and pass on a message for anyone who visits the apartment. You even have full control over the tone, feel and type of photography you work with.

Simply put, with a bit of thoughtfulness, you can turn your house into your own museum! A photograph or other work of art modeled after your taste can help express your personality and be a part of how the house looks. A sign of a great timeless photograph is one that can outlive you!

How do you do this? Find an interest of yours and look within to understand, start and maintain conversations through a series of photographs in corners of the living space. Major plus points if you can choose art that can trigger intellectual conversations on social issues, world issues or even personal aspects like an important street in Hong Kong or the view of a city you love. The possibilities are endless.

Art Print Gallery | Your house needs art. Here's why

Looking to sell?

This is for those of you looking to sell a house or apartment.

It is no secret that art creates an impression of a more expensive and lavish house. Yeah, your house may be beautifully designed, but without a stunning photograph, it will not have that final finishing touch to top it all off. A good photograph adds to the character of the house and makes it look more interesting than it may be.

And finally, don’t be afraid to hang! There isn’t a specific map on where you should hang a photograph and where you shouldn’t. It is all about choosing what looks right to your eye and if it emboldens your personality. Of course, you have to make sure the placement is attractive. While you can place a photograph anywhere in your house, the right placement is necessary if you are looking to ensure the photograph stands out as much as possible.

The photograph needs a sense of proportion too. A common error many make is choosing art or photographs that blend into the wall. Why would you want that? You want your artwork to stand out not fade into the wall, don’t you? If it doesn’t look good, don’t be afraid to move it.

Some worry about making a hole in the wall. But, once you hang it well, you won’t have to worry about it and it's very easy to cover it up by hiring a handyman. If you are truly not in a position to hammer a hook into the wall, there are plenty of other ways to hang a picture including hanging systems that rest against the wall.

Art Print Gallery | Your house needs art. Here's why

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