“I will never stop shooting as long as my camera still works”
Steven U


For Steven, photography is a passion, something that inspires hope, courage and a beautiful life. He fell in love with photography right away after attending an exhibition for landscape photos in Paris about ten years ago. The event made him appreciate photography, the beauty of landscapes, and the effort that people put in to give photos that tell a story and ignite memories and passion.

He started by taking photos during holidays, this was just for fun and he had no serious ambition. But what started as a humble holiday snapshot session would later turn into a big thing.

His first DSLR was a Canon which he bought in Taiwan. This was a treasured possession, one that would propel his career further and allow him to capture images that inspire and tell a story.He did not have much knowledge about photos and did not want to be just any ordinary photographer.

The urge to prosper in photography led him to specialist books and magazines where he got the tips and information that great photographers had used to make it big in the industry.Watching travel and landscape photographers from the National Geographic and other channels made him perfect the art, learn all the tricks and skills that the professional photographers used to capture great images.

The photos in the magazine were a huge inspiration.Living in Paris was a great motivation too, the city was a great place where he could take great photos of the architecture and landmarks.