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Richard Jay
“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the beauty of the moment.”
Richard Jay


Richard’s journey into photography started on his birthday in 2011 when he received a DSLR as a gift. He describes himself as a self-taught photographer, somebody who had the passion for the art and went out of his way to learn the skills that would make him perfect what he loved. He took classes and used most of his time practicing. He would shoot captions for wall art and decorations, and other great images. To him, every caption was a learning moment; he would strive to capture a better image in every session. He started with travel photography, taking photos for wall art and decoration.

Steve McCurry has been his great inspiration, the great captions has made him aspire for greatness. His fantastic work as a photojournalist has inspired Richard to excel and learn from the great captions that he has taken in his career.

Asia is one place that has inspired Richard greatly. He has travelled to most of the countries in South Asia, shooting photos of different sceneries, the beauty of South Asia and his breathtaking photos tell the story, one of resilience, hope and greatness.

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