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Our Story

How KAKAHUETTE came to be

Welcome to KAKAHUETTE, the place where you will find the most authentic photographic art passionately designed to perfectly sync with your tastes. We are Steven and Richard, founders of KAKAHUETTE, and we are passionate about art photography. The most inspiring art is often used as wall decor to warm your heart and ignite your motivation every time you take a glance.

The name KAKAHUETTE is a phonetic translation of “peanut” in French, our favourite pairing with a good wine. Our idea was very simple, something easy and unique enough to stick with you and be remembered.

Our concept

We find great artist photographers and work with them to promote their work. They are the reason why we exist. We’re dedicated to develop our artist exposure and making sure they have what they need to be the creatives they are.

KAKAHUETTE collaborates with photographers to produce high quality and limited edition photographs. Whenever a limited edition runs out, it is forever. 

We offer wall art photos for decoration. We know clients have different tastes in term of photos, so we offer a variety of types and styles of photos. We make frames and size the photos and are more than happy to let you decide the type of frame and the size of the photo you would like.

"Everything starts with great quality..."

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