“My camera means everything to me”
Ivan Sivec


Ivan Sivec is an accomplished artist at Kakahuette with extraordinary pieces that detail his maturity in art. Born in France, he learned photography at school where he pursued his career in landscape photography. Ivan is an astounding artist as he has infused his photography art with his pursuit in music. He is an electronic music DJ. He combines his experience in music with his photography. He travels a lot, performing at concerts, giving him an opportunity to experience a variety of landscapes. This elevates his work as he is able to experience a diversity of scenarios, giving him the rich ingredients necessary for proficient work. His work has the exuberance of refinement and passion as dictated by his life style. He has no encumbrances in his life, thus he lives a free-spirited life, living for his passion. His work is a graceful construction of the elements of nature that illustrates eloquence. He is a backpacking traveler, who travels around the world shooting the most incredible scenes. He is an undoubted artist armed with skill and experience. His works profess professionalism and a grain of intelligence matched with value for the intended audience.