“My favourite photographs are ones that evoke emotions and memories of an experience
Caleb Ho


Caleb’s interest in photography was inherited from his father. Since young, his family would travel to different places every summer, his father would bring his camera gear and together they would document their experiences in photographs. They would review their travel photos now and then; and be reminded of those happy moments. To Caleb, travelling and photography come in a pair.

His hobby in photography turned into a passion during an art project in high school. In his free time, he would go explore and shoot cityscapes, landscapes, portraits with his friends; and through these creative exchanges, hone his skills and style. His inspiration comes from his friends, films and artists on Instagram.

Travelling remains as his favourite photographic experience. He is extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to visit many incredible places already. Ultimately, he wishes to explore all the magnificence Planet Earth has to offer and tell stories of it.

His favourite photographs are ones that evoke emotions and memories of an experience, much like his family’s travel photos. He hopes that one day, his photographs will resonate not only with himself but also with its audiences.