Where to Buy Art Prints and Photography in Hong Kong

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Why would you even need art?

It looks like a pretty simple question to answer but the answer to it goes beyond generic answers like “I want to add some color to the wall” and “I want to decorate this room”.

Art Photography Gallery | Novitas

Novitas by Andrew Ives

Let me tell you why

Amongst all the materialistic things you can find in your house, it is always nice to have an object (or two!) that can give your room an injection of life, an injection of passion to be more specific. With something as timeless as a photograph or a piece of art, any time you walk into the room in question, you can sense the skill, the effort and the time that was spent on creating it. There is no denying that you could relate to it better if you had met the artist or heard the story behind the creation but even if that is not the case, seeing that attention to detail, the careful composition of the image and the perfect lighting consistently reminds you of the person who created it and the vision he or she had in mind when shooting it. Oh, and a well taken photograph will do a much better job at adding that personal touch to your house than anything else (like painting a room!).

A very common complaint around here is that most art collections reach eye-watering prices that easily put it out of our grasps. After all, Hong Kong is not a city that is really known for its low cost of living, is it? However, today, things are not as bleak for a photography enthusiast. There are plenty of wallet-friendly options today that allow you to get your hands on a stunning photograph without having to bust a hole in your wallet. One name in particular has been creating a buzz for itself in recent times: KAKAHUETTE.

Art Photography Gallery | Hong Kong Taxi

Hong Kong Taxi by Rex

KAKAHUETTE strongly believes in providing quality art at an affordable price (those of us who have been burnt by sky high prices can relate). With a sleek website to boot, this art photography gallery collaborates with several photographers to produce unique and high quality art prints. These art prints are delivered with frames so all you have to do is hang it up for display! Yeah, I know everyone has a different taste as well as requirements and KAKAHUETTE knows this too which is why they let you customize it all, from the size of the photo print to the type of frame you want. All of this in a quick responsive website - talk about a seamless experience!

We seeks out artists from around the globe

Another unique feature of KAKAHUETTE is that it actively seeks to collaborate with emerging artists, both within Hong Kong as well as from other parts of the globe. This is in line with their vision to bring about exposure to artists and photographers who haven’t hit mainstream success or haven’t received the critical acclaim they deserve. The website has a feature that allows you categorize art prints by artists so if you really like the work of a specific photographer, you can browse all his work with a click of a button. In addition to that, each artist has his own bio that comes complete with his or her social media account links and a description of themselves. Neat, isn’t it? The creative freedom offered by KAKAHUETTE is a rarity in the industry. All that KAKAHUETTE wishes for is that the photographer expresses his or her view of the world and their story. Being seasoned in the art photography industry, they understand that the best way to do this is by letting an artist off the leash and letting him or her do ‘their thing’. As you can see by the art on their website, this approach is working wonders!

Art Photography Gallery | A Pop Of Colour

A Pop Of Colour by Nancy Da Campo

As I mentioned above, the art gallery seeks out artists from around the globe. A major benefit is that it shines the spotlight on artists from developing countries who haven’t hit mainstream success yet and will find it harder to do so for a myriad of reasons such as the lack of infrastructure in the country. The second benefit of this approach is that the art gallery has a very diverse range of photography styles and subjects as each photographer brings the influence of his native country and focuses on subjects that someone from Hong Kong may not have experienced, leading to a diversity that few other art galleries can match.

Now, you may assume that the art photography on the website may be subpar due to the insistence of new and up and coming artists but I suggest you have one look at the website as that would dispel all your doubts. KAKAHUETTE carefully vets each photographer they collaborate with, ensuring they are the best of the bunch and come with a varied skill set that sometimes surpasses those at the top of the industry.

The chances of finding the same print in your aunt’s apartment are quite slim

Not only will you be supporting an up and coming artist but also because all prints on the website are limited edition, the chances of finding the same print in your aunt’s apartment are quite slim. Each photograph comes with a certificate of authenticity which guarantees that you receive an authentic piece of work. The prints available for purchase on the website are unbelievably affordable when you consider the quality and authenticity of the photographs. Starting at just HKD 599, you can shop dozens of photographs, ranging from good old Hong Kong photography images to architecture, urban landscapes, nature, and color pop to name a few – rest assured, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Art Photography Gallery | Frame

Another redeeming quality at this very interesting art gallery is its customer favorable return policy and promise of quick deliveries. They offer a 7 day no questions asked return window where the customer is required to only pay the return shipping charges. They also promise to ship out your purchase within twenty four hours and deliver it in less than four days.

KAKAHUETTE regularly hosts pop-up exhibitions

Not content sitting back, KAKAHUETTE regularly hosts pop-up exhibitions around Hong Kong. Since they do not have an online store, these pop-up exhibitions allow art photography enthusiasts to get up and close to the artwork. They have approximately 20 photographers working - most of them juggle day jobs. The theme of the exhibition depends on the event – for example, during an exhibition at theDesk, KAKAHUETTE opted for a minimalistic theme that was in tandem with theDesk’s own ethos. This allows them to cover and showcase many styles (of which they have no shortage!).


Another reason that motives the art gallery to pursue pop-up exhibitions is that the increased exposure of the artists to the public helps them get more work and helps the gallery organize commissions for the artists’ work.

With such a focused vision and a team of highly talented photographers, it is not difficult to see why KAKAHUETTE has built up a reputation as one of the best photography gallery Hong Kong. If you are looking to buy art print online, it would be sacrilege not to consider KAKAHUETTE. They also offer worldwide shipping so there is nothing stopping you from getting your hands on one of their limited edition photography art pieces.

Let’s take a peek behind the curtains…

KAKAHUETTE was the brainchild of Steven and Richard who were extremely passionate about photography – and that is an understatement! They derived the name of the Hong Kong photography art gallery from the phonetic translation of the French word for peanut, which was their favorite pairing with wine! As I mentioned above, they are heavily invested in bringing exposure to likeminded artists who haven’t received the attention they should and mostly produce limited edition photographs in an effort to maintain the uniqueness and authenticity of their photographs. I mean, who wants a photograph you can find in every living room you visit?

Art photos on Kakahuette's online art gallery

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