How to take care of photography Prints

Photograph prints are delicate and valuable artwork; to ensure that they remain in a pristine condition for a long period of time, proper handling and storage should be a priority. The following recommendations can help in ensuring that your photograph prints remain in good condition.


You will be touching the photographs once in a while, they are admirable and hold a lot of memories, so there is no way you can resist viewing them once in a while. It is recommended to wash your hands every time you want to view them; this is a preventive measure ensuring that your skin oils or any other substances are not transferred to the photo prints. If possible, you are advised to wear clean cotton gloves. When it comes to lifting the photos, ensure that you use both hands, firmly supporting the back. At no time should you rub the surface of the photo using your finger, this can destroy the prints.


Framing the photo ensures that it does not come into direct contact with the elements. You should ensure that good quality glass is used, specifically, use the type that is designed for protection of photographic images and fine art. Acid free archival mat is recommended as it prevents the print from coming into contact with the glass. Framing is an effective way of protecting your print from coming into contact with dirt, water, pollution or even temperature change. 


You need to keep your photo away from elements such as direct sunlight, smoke, water or any other pollutant. Even if you have used the best materials, they will be subjected to fading and cracking if they are exposed to harsh elements for a prolonged period. Avoid placing the photo prints in areas that experience extreme fluctuations in temperature and moisture; excessive change in humidity and temperature affect the state of the print and may cause the missing of some of the details.


Your prints should be stored in places where they are free, nothing presses it against a surface and away from sharp objects. Also, avoid stacking the photos on top of each other. If you need to transport, make sure you wrap it properly with acid-free papers.

Photo prints are delicate and should be taken care of if you are to keep them in a good condition. These tips will go a long way in helping you maintain them in an immaculate way.