Banksy: Genius or Vandal?

Banksy: Genius or Vandal?

Art lover or not, Banksy is one of our generation's most influential people. The enigmatic artist is internationally known and yet can preserve his identity for the world with his genius and thought-provoking artwork. Fans of the artist are lucky to travel to Hong Kong in December as the most awaited art gallery titled "Banksy: Genius or Vandal?" will hold in Hong Kong.

Banky genius or vandal

Image courtesy of Banksy Exhibition Hong Kong

The highly expected "Banksy: Genius or Vandal" art exhibition Hong Kong will have more than 70 exhibits of Banksy's original artwork after successfully participating chapters in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Madrid, and Lisbon, with more than 700,000 visitors, from 20 December to 1 March 2020, at Portal 6311 in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, on the private exhibition space.

Banksy’s Art gallery Hong Kong will be the first exhibition held in Asia which will cost $145-$180 from Monday to Friday and $170-$210 on weekend and public holidays with nine sessions per day.

banksy genius or vandal

Image courtesy of Banksy Exhibition Hong Kong

It’s the people who choose to decide who he is a genius or vandal? Or an artist or Businessman?

The renowned and mysterious artist or vandal is known to inspire and impress people with his open-minded protest art and provocative use of atmosphere. In the Art exhibition Hong Kong, guests will be greeted on arrival with an outstanding visual audio display specially created for this series.

We reveal information on this enigmatic artist, showcase his most important works and form his unique and divisive career. The collection of Banksy's Girl with Balloon, identical to the one the artist himself demolished at Sotheby's London Auction House, is a notable aspect of this exhibition.

Like any other show devoted to Banksy, the artist who wants to continue to perform private and unofficial works is not allowed to do so. The artist's intricate rumors and hijinks are also established. In the words of the show producer: "Banksy is one of the brightest and most significant artists of our day and has taken on celebrity status.

He has developed his brand with unbelievable skill and is a mystery as he works in disobedience to law. His work represents a challenge to the system. His job, which is always fully embedded and extremely complete in the actual reality, delves into every one of us spirit. I guess all of this makes him great for me. "

Banksy Genius or Vandal


Exhibition BANKSY: Genius or Vandal?
Date: ‪From 20 December 2019 to 1 March 2020‬
Venue: PORTAL 6311, FTLife Tower, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.
Ticket available here 


Banksy Biography

Banksy is a street artist, activist, and film director based in England who has been involved since the 1990s. Banksy has created a whole subculture of art devoted to his work, perhaps the most polished street artist in the world. At any given time, Banksy's art can impact any place. Even after over 20 years with the graffiti scene, his name remains unknown. He blends dark humor with graffiti executed by a distinctive technique of poignant stencilling. His political and social commentaries were written on sidewalks, walls and city bridges worldwide.

banksy genius or vandal

Image courtesy of Banksy Exhibition Hong Kong

Robin Gunningham A.K.A Banksy was born on 28th July 1973 in Yate near Bristol. He hanged at first with the tag DryBreadZ or DBZ around the graffiti crew in Bristol. Shortly afterward, he started to partner with Inkie, a notable street artist. Based on the police's nearly vandalising public spaces at the age of 18, Banksy began to build containers.

Banksy hid under a garbage truck while his men escaped from the scene. Banksy had stencil letters on the truck at this time. Banksy wanted to stencil his new type of graffiti was to look for a faster way to paint. Stencils are the graffiti type which was commonly used by Banksy to convey his message to the public through spray painting and beautiful wall art.

The first Los Angeles show at Banksy's 33 1/3 Gallery was opened on 19 June 2002 and is a small Frank Sosa-owned Silver Lake venue. The show was curated by 33 1/3 Gallery, Malathion LA's Chris Vargas, Funk Lazy's Grace Jehan, and B&B under the banner Existentialism.

banksy genius or vandal
Image courtesy of Banksy Exhibition Hong Kong

He drew on the bodies of living pigs in the 2003 show "Turf War." He published 200 live rats in his 2005 "Crude Oils" exhibition in London featuring modified replicas of Claudius Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Edward Hopper. In 2005, Banksy painted, fully covered, his work on the walls of the major museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Tate Britain in New York City and London.

Street art fanatics are always happy with all the wall art they produce, although they often make them want more. This technique brings a desire to discover a completely new concept or idea that encourages emerging and experienced artists through its artistic creations. This is also dubbed the "Banksy Effect."

Banksy's novels, which include Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall in 2001, Existentialism in 2002, and Wall and Piece in 2005, records his projects; the genuinely future-oriented film Children of Men in 2006, included iconic illustrations of his plays, including life-size photographs of two police kissing. Banksy directed a documentary film Exit Through the Gift Shop in 2010, which allegedly profiles the lives and work of the most talented graffiti artists in the world.

Nevertheless, opinion was polarised over the film, as some chose to accept it at its face value, while other critique presented it with Thierry Guetta serving as a commentator on the commercialisation of art. This is also the topic of documentary and filmmaker-reconstructed artists.

Banksy genius or vandal

Image courtesy of Banksy Exhibition Hong Kong

Banksy hosted the exhibition The Cans Festival in London from 3 to 5 May 2008. It is a pedestrian tunnel that was formerly used by Eurostar beneath London Waterloo station, built on Leake Road. Graffiti artists were invited to participate and paint their works of wall art until it was covered by the work of anyone else. Banksy invited artists from all over the world to exhibit their work.

In the summer of 2015 Banksy has been planning an art project in the seaside town of Weston Super-Mare in England entitled the dystopian theme park, Dismaland. The project, which was secretly planned, unveiled ten new works by Banksy and 58 other artists.